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The Importance of Asking for Business Reviews

We realize the majority of business owners understand the critical importance of reviews to help ensure success. Reviews can either negatively or positively affect your business. Consumer reliance on reviews has increased substantially. Consumers base their decisions regarding services and products on input gathered from reviews. Your reviews will impact whether or not the consumer makes a purchase.

We have learned one of the most critical SEO components is the generation of reviews. Reviews are extremely important for building awareness of your brand while improving your reputation. Third-party reviews provide potential customers with proof your business delivers on everything you say and do. Online reviews are essentially business referrals.

One of the best ways for your business to be noticed before your competitors are with positive and consistent reviews. Your reviews build consumer trust, loyalty, and sales. There is a wide range of reasons you should make an investment in attaining reviews for your business. We have learned the most effective ways to ask for reviews, and are aware of the advantages. Visit Your text to link… for more details.


Reasons Your Business Should Be Asking for Reviews

We want you to take advantage of the numerous benefits of great business reviews. One of the key benefits is increasing trust for both your business and brand. When your business is consistently recognized as the best in numerous review categories, your results are extremely valuable. Your reviews are the force behind new messages pertaining to your business.

Once a communication pattern has been achieved, you can establish a core message for your business. A good example is a business receiving a lot of reviews regarding professionalism. You can include this as one of the core values of your business. The process of attaining reviews is not easy. You need to make a long-term investment and solid commitment.

We recommend using different platforms to spread out your reviews. You will need to devote the time necessary to obtain reviews on a variety of websites on a regular basis. This type of review is trusted more by consumers because faking them is difficult. Unfortunately, we have seen a lot of businesses purchase fake reviews for specific platforms such as Facebook and Google.

Some companies believe fake reviews will increase their ratings. Consumers trust good reviews from numerous platforms as opposed to thousands of reviews on the same one. Once you have established solid ratings and reviews on a variety of platforms, consumers will choose your company as opposed to one of your competitors. The way customers speak of your business is as important as your reviews.

Good reviews on a variety of platforms will help increase your sales. Consumers reading a wide variety of good reviews are more likely to leave a positive review regarding your company. The majority of your customers are aware of more than you may realize including:

• Review scams
• Fake reviews
• Businesses unable to obtain consistent reviews

Your potential customers require reassurance they are obtaining the services and products desired. Your customers are interested in value providing them with a reason to choose your company over the competition. You can provide this reason through positive and consistent reviews.

The Advantages of Reviews

There are a lot of advantages to positive reviews we want you to be aware of. We have defined the best benefits below to help you on your path to success. We also want you to understand the importance of email content at Your text to link….

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Showing Stars in the SERPs

Once your business has a minimum of five reviews, you will have stars in the SERPs on Google. We have found this listing offers a tremendous advantage. Your advantage substantially increases if your competitors do not have stars. Stars enable your business to stand out from your competition. The more reviews you have, the more successful you will become.

Even if the review website is non-Google, there are often stars in the SERPs. Your company can benefit from reviews for these types of sites as well. Potential customers pay attention when the SERP page contains a lot of stars for the business. This increases the chance your company will receive the consumer’s business. SERPs enable your business to grow.

Reviews are counted by Google My Business as a ranking factor. Numerous positive reviews often provide your business with a ranking above the competition. If a consumer is searching the Q&A section of Google for answers, Google My Business reviews are an important component. You can learn more about the importance of reviews at Your text to link….

The Consumer Review Study

According to a study, 82 percent of consumers admitted reading online reviews prior to making a purchase from a local business. The majority of consumers will not trust your business unless they have read 10 reviews. We recommend using a variety of platforms to attain customer reviews to increase trust in your company.

Improving Your Click-Through-Rate

Another study revealed positive reviews have an impact on the click-through-rate. The study determined when a three-star rating transitions to a five-star rating, the number of clicks increased by 25 percent. This means your business can acquire 39 percent more click if your rating is five-star as opposed to one-star.

Improving Your Business with Reviews

You will receive critical feedback for your company, employees, products, and services through reviews. We have learned reviews show businesses the areas requiring improvement, and what is running smoothly. A good example is customers consistently referring to the quality of your products.

This is a great selling point for your company. If your customers are talking about poor product communication, you will be aware of which areas need to be improved for better service and reviews.

Building Customer Trust for An Excellent Reputation

According to Your text to link…, reputation management services have substantially increased in popularity during the last few years. The reason is the connection between customer loyalty and reviews. The benefits of good reviews left by customers include:

• Loyalty for your business
• Consistent business
• Informing potential customers about your business
• Referrals
• Increasing brand awareness
• Improving your reputation

Asking for Reviews on the Best Sites

Positive reviews are important for both your SEO and social proof. One of the most important ranking factors is Google review because your businesses will be emphasized among your local competitors. We recommend obtaining reviews from a variety of platforms to leave a stronger impression while creating a more substantial footprint. Google is the most important platform.

You must have five Google reviews to receive stars. Once this has been achieved, your review efforts should be focused on the following.

• Your business website
• Facebook
• Better Business Bureau
• Facebook

We also recommend conducting some research regarding the niche and local review websites dedicated to your industry. Once you have obtained review stars with prominent placement in the SERPs, this becomes critical. HomeAdvisor and AngiesList are both excellent examples of niches for home services. You already understand the importance of having as many positive reviews as possible.

You now need to determine the most effective platforms for your needs. Your final step is asking your customers for reviews. Although the process is usually difficult, you need to have consistent customer reviews for your business. Your best option is being proactive. You can accomplish this by using the methods described below.

Asking for Reviews through the Creation of a Template

If you have multiple employees working for your business, you can save time with the creation of an email template to ask for reviews from your customers. You can eliminate a lot of issues by establishing consistent and effective communication. Another option is creating a handout to give to your customers or the creation of a referral page on your website.

Both of these methods will eliminate the need to explain the steps required to create a review for each individual customer. If you decide on a handout, make certain to explain how to create or login to an account, how a review is posted, and how your business can be located on the review website. When you ensure the process of leaving a review is simple and easy, you will obtain more customer reviews.

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Using the Review Tools

You will have to pay a fee for the majority of reputation management tools. The monthly fee enables you to create a custom email template, or a review page to obtain customer reviews. The process is streamlined to ensure previous clients are emailed automatically to increase the chance of the customer leaving a review. The service provides you with more time to concentrate on other areas of your business.

Placing Links in Invoices and Emails

One of the most effective ways to obtain reviews is also the simplest. Add a link for all of your social profiles. You want a link added for every review platform offering value for your company. We recommend starting with the following.

• Google • Facebook • Yelp

You can place your links in customer invoices, business cards, and emails. You may not receive reviews immediately, but your customers will have a reminder eventually leading to a review.

Adding Website Links to Obtain Reviews

We recommend adding links for review platforms on your website. You can add a link to a dedicated review page or in a website footer. You should emphasize the number of reviews, logos of the sites, star rating, and platforms. You need to let your customers know your reviews are important and make certain they are aware of the positive impact to increase the chances of earning a review.

Emailing Customers After Performing a Service

The most obvious way to request a review is to send an email directly to the customer once a purchase has been made or a service performed. Thank your customer for doing business with your company, let them know you appreciate being chosen above your competition and issue an invitation to review the experience. You will have an easier time obtaining a review once the purchase has been completed.

If your customer had a good experience, they will most likely leave a review. You need to define your goals first. Determine what you hope to achieve in addition to reviews. Are you more interested in learning how well your customer service department is performing, or are you concerned with customer loyalty? The only way you will be able to gather the desired information is by asking the right questions.

This means you must establish your goals at the beginning. We recommend personalizing your emails. Take your time, consider what you want to say carefully, and write your emails to acknowledge your customers. No matter how beautiful your email appears, it will not do you any good if the content appears as impersonal and cold right from the beginning. Resist the urge to write a lengthy email.

Your customers will not be interested in spending 30 minutes to complete a survey. If your email requires a lot of time to read or complete, there is a good chance your request will be abandoned. We recommend a short, simple message. Do not use any phrases or ask questions your customers may not understand. Be direct with your request, including offering clear instructions. Some good examples are available at Your text to link….

The Importance of Online Reputation Management

One of the most common mistakes we see is businesses unaware of how important online reputation management is for success. The majority of customers will look at online reviews first, even if your business has a physical location. According to recent research, 97 percent of all consumers read online reviews while searching for local businesses.


Over 70 percent of these individuals made a purchase once positive reviews were read. If you intend to stand out from your competitors, online reputation management is essential. The online reputation of your business is dependent on responding to both negative and positive customer feedback.

The Final Word

In order to become successful, your business needs the advantages offered by customer reviews. If you have not yet considered the power of these reviews, you need to catch up with the rest of the pack. We recommend taking the steps to obtain as many reviews as possible as quickly as you can. We can guarantee your competition is already taking advantage of the numerous possibilities. We are here to help and encourage you to visit us now at Your text to link….