1.) Your Photos Aren’t Optimized For Google

Before we even get into this one, let’s take a look at two GMB listings.


Here’s the first:

And here’s the second one:

They’re both coffee shops, and they both pop up when I look for the best nearby place to get coffee.

But you know what both of them don’t have in common?


Most people aren’t going to give the second shop a chance, especially when they have the first one to compare it to.


The first listing has plenty of stellar, high-quality photos, great reviews, and is an all-around great-looking listing, which makes it more appealing to potential customers.

The second GMB, on the other hand, isn’t so attractive at first glance. It just has the default Google street view image and is unclaimed. (more on that later)


The second business could have the best coffee in the world, but most people won’t find out because the listing doesn’t do a great job of showing off the business.


To avoid a similar fate, make sure your photos are all high-quality and show the best of your business off.


Another tip for photos?


Customers can leave them too!


Encourage your happy customers to post user-generated content like photos and reviews to give your photo-portfolio an even further boost.


2.) You’re Not Responding To Reviews — Or Responding The Wrong Way

Another way you could be taking huge losses is the way you handle reviews.


If you respond to reviews in the wrong way (or don’t respond to them at all), it sends a loud and clear message out to your potential customers.


Don’t just give a cookie-cutter default response to every review; take the time to make each response unique.


If you want to show that you not only provide great services, but also care about your customers, giving personalized, authentic review responses goes a long way.


And it just so happens we have a guide on exactly how to respond to your customers here.

3.) You Haven’t Claimed Your Google My Business Listing

Did you know that your business could be on GMB without you even knowing?

If you haven’t set up a GMB for your business yet, it might be a good idea to check if one already exists.

Remember the GMB from before?

It’s not claimed either, which means that they’re missing out on tons of potential customers. To avoid a similar mistake, make sure you don’t already have a listing on GMB without knowing it.

4.) Stopping At Verification — Don’t Forget To Make Use Of The Full GMB Suite

The next of the “7 GMB Sins” is stopping after you verify your business.


Verification’s important, but there’s lots more to take advantage of with a GMB listing than just the initial steps.


Just look at how many options there are to play with, it’d be a shame to leave all this to waste.

From posts, to review management, to the insights on your GMB, you’ve got plenty of tools to help you further optimize your listing past the initial creation.

5.) Not Encouraging Customers To Leave Reviews

This is one of the biggest of the seven.

At ReviewNhit, we’re all about getting more customer feedback, which is why you need to be encouraging all of your customers to leave reviews.


In fact, this isn’t just a GMB sin; it’s one of the great digital marketing sins.


If you aren’t encouraging customers to leave reviews, you’re losing out on massive amounts of reputation-boosting user content.


It’s not hard to encourage reviews, either. Even just asking for them makes a big difference, or you could improve your chances of getting more great reviews with a review generator.

6.) Forgetting To Double-Check Your Info

You wouldn’t believe how often people miss this one.

Here’s the thing, your GMB is your online storefront, which means it’s one of the first things anyone sees about your business.

If there were any parts of your online presence that it’d pay off to double-check, your GMB should be one of them.

Again, it’s a super simple step, but all-too-often gets missed, resulting in businesses with amateur mistakes on their listings.


Before you finalize your GMB, go through and do a double-check on all of the info, it won’t take you long, but you might be surprised on what you’ve missed on your first run.

7.) Not Having A GMB Listing

And the absolute biggest of the 7: Not having a GMB in the first place.


If you’ve gotten this far into the post and don’t have a GMB yet, you should definitely consider adding it to your to-do list in the near future.


Google My Business isn’t a gimmick; it’s one of the best tools available for any business to get their name out there online.


Want to learn more about GMB? Check out how it can help your business here.

Already Have a GMB? Here’s a Great Next Step:

If you’ve already hopped on the GMB bandwagon, then you’re off to a great start, and we’ve got a recommendation for what to do next.

If you want to help your GMB rise to the top, it might be time to start using ReviewNhit.

ReviewNhit helps your GMB shine by generating and promoting authentic customer reviews. Then it uses those reviews to improve your search engine rank, too.

And the best part is that GMB and ReviewNhit are both free!

Want to check out ReviewNhit and improve your review strategy today? Click here to get started for free.

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