What Else Has Changed With GMB?

Reviews coming back isn’t the only thing that’s happened during all of this, so let’s go over some of the important changes that you need to know.

  • Reviews, Review Replies, User Photos, Short Names, and Q&A functionalities will all be rolling back out and restored country by country.
  • Business posts are coming back, and a unique “COVID-19 update” post is being added to the platform.
  • Critical health-related businesses are going to be prioritized when it comes to new listings, claims, and verifications.
  • The review process for any GMB listing changes is going to be delayed — And again, health-related businesses will be prioritized.

Taking Action During The Crisis

Now is a more important time than ever to stay on top of things.

Give a COVID-19 update to your customers to let them know the state of your business, make your operating hours clear, and expect any business info edits to take a bit longer to go through.

With GMB functionalities coming back, it’s vital to take full advantage of these new changes and continue to market your business — in an ethical manner. Crisis or not, Google My Business is still one of the most powerful marketing platforms.

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