The Short Answer — Yes, But It Depends

There’s no “remove review” feature on Google, and that’s because they want to give potential

customers the most honest showcase of your business that they can.

But there are certain situations where you can get reviews removed from your account. In these

cases, you’ll have to flag the review as inappropriate to get it removed.

Keep in mind, though, that you can’t flag just any negative review as inappropriate.

You can only get reviews removed if they breach Google’s policies.

So to give the long answer, here are some reasons that you can get a review removed from

your Google My Business profile, as well as exactly how you can do it.


Valid Reasons For Removing Customer Reviews


● Fake Reviews

It’s not unheard of for people to leave reviews for businesses they’ve never even visited. If you suspect that a customer review was left by someone who’s never been to your business, you can ask Google to remove the review.

You’re going to need proof that they never actually visited your business, though, Google isn’t going to remove a review on just a whim.


● Duplicate Reviews 

Another somewhat common occurrence is one customer leaving multiple identical reviews for your business.

This happens to be against Google’s rules as well, so if you find multiple duplicate reviews on your profile from the same person, you can appeal to Google to get the reviews removed.


● The Customer Reviewed The Wrong Business

People leave reviews for the wrong business more than you might think, especially if there are other businesses with similar names.

Make sure that any negative reviews for your business are meant for you and not another similarly named business.

If it turns out that the customer meant to review someone else, you shouldn’t have much problem getting it removed.

      ● The Review Breaks Any Of Google’s Content Policies 

Google has a whole list of rules you need to follow for online content. Since customer reviews are considered content, you can report them if they breach any of those rules.

If Google finds that your claim is valid, they’ll remove the review.


Step-By-Step: How To Flag A Review

Google has a helpful page that describes how to flag inappropriate reviews here.

If you plan on flagging a review, you should check their guide out to make sure the review actually breaks any rules.

But to give a quick rundown, here’s how you can go through with it:

– First, log into your Google My Business account.


– Then, scroll down to the “Reviews” tab on the left. (If you have multiple locations, make sure you’re on the right one first)

– Finally, tap the three-dot icon and click on “Flag Review.”

It’s as simple as that.

(In some situations, you may also need to speak with Google support directly.)

“But what if the review doesn’t breach Google’s policies?”

Well, then you’ve got one more option for getting the review removed:

Asking The Customer To Delete A Review

If you believe there’s a legitimate reason to remove the review, but it doesn’t breach Google’s guidelines, then your only other option is to ask the customer to remove the review themselves.

Note: If you’re going to ask a customer to remove their review, make sure you’ve made amends and solved the issue they had first. Asking customers to remove reviews that haven’t been addressed isn’t likely to end well.

You’re Stuck With The Negative Review If…

If someone genuinely has a bad experience with your business, you’re likely stuck with the review on your account.

As mentioned before, you can attempt to make amends with them and ask them to change the review, but if they don’t want to, you’ll have to take the hit.

That’s not to say it’s the end of the world, though, because the right response can help turn things around.


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