White Label Your Account

White Label Your Account

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Congratulations on your decision to become a partner!

We are happy and excited to have you on our team this guide will help you set up your white label account so you can use your brand with our infrastructure to grow your business.

First step: Domain settings

Go to the DNS settings of your domain/Sub-domain


  • Find the A record to your domain. (The name of this record is @)
  • Edit the record and replace Points to value with
  • Save.

Second step: ReviewNhit Settings

Dashboard > My Account > User Management > White Label 

Once on the dashboard, you’ll need to click on the “My Account” button then click on User Management  From there, go to White Label settings.

Setup domain/Sub-domain

  • Enable setting by checking the checkmark
  • Add your domain you just pointed to ReviewNhit IP
  • Add your Brand name and Email.
  • Upload a logo
  • Set your colors or leave as is for default (can be changed at any time) 
  • Save

After you save it can take up to 24 for the system to be ready for use, We will email you once it’s ready.



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