1.) Customize Your Email & SMS Campaigns To Boost Conversions

First up is remembering to customize your email and SMS campaigns to get the most reviews possible.


With ReviewNhit, we provide a default campaign structure that works great already.

But once you get a better idea of your audience, customizing it to fit your customer base is a surefire way to boost the number of reviews you get.

In our campaign dashboard, we give plenty of options to add further customization so your campaigns can fit your precise needs.

Which ties into the next tip:

2.) Make Sure To Test Out New Things

Again, the default campaigns are a great way to get started immediately, but every audience is unique, and there will be some tactics that work better for you than others. Perhaps your customers respond better to SMS campaigns over emails, or maybe they leave reviews more often when you use different vocabulary. Tip: We’ve noticed that asking for “feedback” instead of “reviews” often converts better in our campaigns. The only way to know what works best for your business is to test it out. So be willing to change things up from time to time and find what works best.

3.) Combine ReviewNhit With SEO To Get Even More Value

Did you know that customer reviews are a great way to boost your SEO strategy?

That’s right; customer feedback is a great way to get closer to the first page of Google. If you want to get even more out of ReviewNhit, try combining it with SEO tactics to kill two birds with one stone.


Another great way to get better SEO results?

Starting a GMB listing for your business

 Learn why GMB is so powerful, and how to get started with it here.

4.) Always Respond To Customer Reviews — Whether They’re Good or Bad

Here’s another crucial step that many people forget.

When a customer reviews your business, you absolutely need to respond to them if you want to encourage more reviews.

It doesn’t matter whether the review is good or bad, a customer review with no response doesn’t look good on your track record, so make sure to respond the right way.

5.) Stay Consistent With Your Marketing Efforts

Sometimes you don’t see results immediately.

In marketing, it often takes multiple touchpoints for a customer to convert. So a lack of results (in the short term) isn’t always indicative of failure.

Sometimes you’ve got to give things a bit of time before you judge their success.

Let’s use our email campaigns as an example; we’ve found that customers often don’t convert after the first email. It usually takes multiple emails for people to warm up and leave feedback, which is why we’ve optimized the campaigns to include multiple follow-ups.

Just remember, consistency is vital if you want to see the best results, which is why it’s a good thing that ReviewNhit makes it so easy to be consistent.

With our campaign feature, you can set up campaigns to reach out multiple times while you don’t have to click a button.

And when a customer reviews your business, you’ll be alerted so you can get right into crafting the perfect response.

The Journey To More Customer Reviews

And there you have it, 5 quick tips to get the most value out of ReviewNhit.

Start implementing these, and it shouldn’t be long before you start to notice better results with your campaigns. So good luck on your customer review journey!

Haven’t gotten started with ReviewNhit yet? Click here today to try it for free!

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